The Safest Crew in Town

Preventing Harmful Silica Dust

Dustless Residential Demo

A Healthier Demolition Solution

We keep dust in, you safe, and the final cleanup spotless. Our team works in contained zones that maintain positive pressure. 
Drywall removed without lingering silica dust

Why is Silica Dust so Bad?

Over-exposure to silica dust can cause many severe and preventable health conditions. Notably, silica dust can cause COPD, silicosis, lung cancer, and kidney disease. Furthermore, demolition often gives dust particles a static charge—enabling dangerous levels of inhalation for months after non dust-free demolition has concluded.

Dust-free demolition removes concerns about livability and ongoing maintenance from the equation.

Why Trust Our Team?

Demo Pros, LLC uses our 25 years of combined experience and specialized demolition tools purpose-built to remove dust at its source. Additionally, we employ practiced and proven dust containment methods to catch any stray particles.

Currently, our team is the only team in Montana that uses the tools we do—making us your best option for the safest demolitions in Montana.