Dust-free demolition uses specialized tools to remove harmful dust as it's created. Truly dust-free demolition services are hard to come by—beating dust at its source takes care, effort, and trying with specialized equipment. 

Our system protects against various harmful materials including mold, silica, and other dust created during the demolition phase of your project. We deconstruct and dispose of materials including the dust! Materials that can not be removed dust-free such as drywall are removed in a dust-free controlled environment utilizing techniques that leave a dustless finish to your home or business.

Currently, Demo Pros, LLC. Is the only business in Montana set up to provide truly dust-free demolition.

Demo Pros, LLC is the only vendor in Montana that has purchased high-end, fully dust-free attachments for our demolition tools. Our team has also invested considerable time training with our specialized demolition equipment.

We'll also create an enclosed and pressurized chamber that allows us to remove drywall or other materials that are impossible to remove completely dust-free.
OSHA gives us some great numbers to judge the safety of a demolition. They find that inhaling just 15 mg/m3 of ordinary drywall dust or 5 mg/m3 of fine dust particles within 8 hours is an unsafe level of exposure—50 mg/m3 of dust if you're demoing concrete.

It's too easy to meet (and exceed) those numbers if you spend an extended amount of time on a normal demolition site. Demo Pros, LLC recommends that individuals hire a dust-free demolition service to prevent exposure during your demo.
Demolition is the process of removing old construction to prepare a space for renovations or remodels.
Dust-free demolition is a specialty service. However, that doesn't mean that dust-free demolition is out of reach. We provide our clients with fair, competitive pricing. We believe a cleaner, healthier solution should be available to everyone!

Standard demolition also typically requires rehoming/moving your employees or family into a new space. Dust-free demolition removes that expense from the equation.