Demo That’s Safe for the Whole Family

Interior Demolition

Flooring Removal in a Kitchen

Eliminating Dust at Its Source

Demo Pros, LLC uses specialized dust collection tools and self-contained chambers to collect dust as it's created. Silica dust is the cause of many health issues—it damages electronics and sticks around for months after demolition is complete.

Over and over, we’ve seen our careful approach pay dividends throughout the remodeling process.
Shower Demolition

The Materials We Work With

The Demo Pros LLC team works with all materials typically associated with interior demolitions— flooring, drywall, studs, tile, etc. However, many of our customers are looking for less invasive demolition services. So, we also offer wallpaper removal, paint removal, and prep for refinishing.

If you're looking for a less invasive demolition service for the interior of your home, don't hesitate to reach out!

We Create a Better Demolition Experience With You

We're proud that many of our clients live and work in their homes during the dust-free demolition process.

Our team’s work areas shift methodically around your home and we move the contents of your home around to keep your valuables safe. Our #1 goal is to allow you access to anything we’re not actively demolishing—keeping your home livable. 

Work with Demo Pros, LLC to minimize disruptions during your remodel.