Prevent Costly Maintenance With Dust-Free Demo

Equipment Safety

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We Protect Your Equipment During Demolition

The best way to prevent damage to your equipment is to avoid airborne dust during demolition. The Demo Pros, LLC dust-free demo team is proud to help businesses throughout Montana protect their assets. 

Preventing Damage from Static

Silica dust disturbed during demolition gains an electric charge via static electricity—causing demo dust to cause shorts and malfunctions in your office's electronics.

Before our team invested in a dust-free solution years ago, we often experienced electrical problems with our equipment—all because demo dust was settling on its circuit boards.

Preventing Damage to Moving Parts

The Demo Pros, LLC team is the perfect fit for protecting equipment with moving parts—think computer fans, cash registers, and workout equipment.

Dust gets into cracks and crevices, grinding smooth surfaces and blocking airflow. Not taking proper care of your equipment during demolition can lead to severe and lasting damage to the equipment you depend on.