Preventing the Spread of Harmful Silica Dust

Employee Safety

Employee Safety

Don't Risk Exposure

Keep your employees safe with dust-free demolition. Silica dust generated by the demolition process can be extremely harmful to your employees for months after demolition concludes. 

What Makes Silica Dust So Bad?

Silica dust can cause a variety of preventable and severe ailments like COPD, silicosis, lung cancer, and kidney disease following overexposure. The kicker? It doesn't take much to be overexposed to silica dust.

Dust-free demolition helps you move forward with your renovation without worrying about placing your employees in dangerous situations.

Strategic Positioning

Our team works in sections as far away from your employees as possible. Our dust-free demolition tools are extremely effective, but The Demo Pros, LLC team tries to avoid the risks of even passing exposure—ensuring the safety of your crew.