The Only Operators in MT With Access to a Dustless Setup

Specialized Tools

Dust-Prevention Tools

Our Dust-Free Demolition Setup

Demo Pros LLC’s dustless setup is unique among all of the demolition contractors in Montana. Our dust- free removal equipment is durable, powerful, and unique to our demolition team. 

We have invested in your safety.

Dust-Free Demolition Equipment Works Quicker

Our dust-free demolitions can stand up to the toughest jobs.

By operating fully dust-free, Demo Pros gets rid of other issues that can arise during the process. More specifically, dust-free demolition eliminates the need to clean up your job site before new construction can start, saving valuable time on the project. Dust-free equipment is also much less likely to break down during renovation—our tools are resistant to the static charge silica dust carries.
Dust-Free Demo in Action
Dust Collection Bucket
Dust free sanding wheel

Dust Free—Reliably

We're excited to work with you to transform your home—minus the mess. Our top-of-the-line dust removal equipment is specifically made to remove harmful silica dust as it's disturbed during demolition.